1. Warranty at Quan Khoa Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

- Applied with all products with warranty card.

- When the demand for product warranty arises, please contact us directly for warranty instructions. Tel: (028) .3816.4700

2. Warranty at the company

Customers can refer to the information of the address and phone number of its warranty center through:

Hotline: 090 811 33 29 or Mail to address thongtq@quankhoa.com.vn



All products sold by Quan Khoa Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. are complied with warranty conditions of suppliers and manufacturers. The following cases are considered violations of warranty or non-warranty conditions:

1. Products are consumed during use

2. There is no warranty card or warranty card but the warranty card is invalid (no longer intact; crumpled, unreadable; erased, erased; repaired content; product information can be shown on the warranty card and on the product does not match, ...).

3. Products out of warranty period (product warranty period is shown on the warranty card of the product, ...).

4. Invalid serial number, barcode, specifications on the product (faded, unreadable, shaved, repaired, torn, peeled / peeled, changed).

5. The product has an error due to force majeure (flood, fire, abnormal power, wrong voltage ...).

6. The product is defective due to falling, bumping, transporting / installing in the wrong way, invading insects, repairing itself, moldy products, rusty, warm, deformed ...

Note: Quan Khoa Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has received product repair.


1. Policy of barter

1.1 "One-exchange-one":

a) Immediately exchange for a customer a new, 100% new product if the customer's faulty product meets the following conditions:

- The product is still full of accessories (box, manual, installation disc, ...), without physical deformation (scratch, scratch, distortion, convex, concave) and does not violate other warranty conditions of Company.

- Time customers buy products (calculated on the warranty card) is:

+ Within 07 days for all products supplied by Quan Khoa Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

+ Products purchased by customers are final consumers.

+ Accept exchange of products at the price equal to or higher than the products that customers have purchased.

b) Immediately exchange for the customer an equivalent product (in terms of features, specifications, designs and the remaining warranty period of the defective product) if the defective product of the customer fully satisfies the following conditions:

- Products do not violate the warranty conditions of the Quan Khoa company.

2. Time for returning warranty products to customers

2.1 For warranty products under its warranty card:

a. Warranty period (excluding holidays, Tet): Depending on each product, there are products that only provide warranty within 24 hours, products with heavy defects will be within 7 days from the date of receipt. product warranty.

b. However, the warranty period may be earlier or later than the time specified above. At that time, we will actively contact you first. In case the warranty return time is later than the specified time, we will add to the warranty period of your products corresponding time. Slow time to pay customers.

2.2. For products warranty at the company:

If customers send warranty at the company, the warranty period depends on the carrier. Make sure to always urge the company to pay the warranty in the shortest time for customers and contact the customer right away when the company pays warranty.

3. Products belonging to the Company's business products: used to make promotional goods and enjoy warranty within 07 days from the date on the corresponding export slip.

4. Customer note

- The company will not guarantee and is not responsible for the data and legality of the software and data available in the customer's products. Therefore, please save your data before sending warranty.



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Hotline: 090 811 33 29

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