1. Warranty policy

Products: electrical wires, accessories, and accessories not covered by the warranty policy, we only apply the return policy specified in this section. Please read carefully the parameters listed on the package such as: shelf, ingredients, features ... before buying and using the product.

* Warranty conditions include:

+ Must be a product supplied by Quan Khoa company or purchased at quankhoa.com.vn website or quankhoa.com

+ Product with warranty stamp.

+ The product has warranty period from the date of purchase.

+ The product has a technical error caused by the supplier, does not warrant the defect caused by the user such as: dropping or breaking; misuse instructions and specifications.

2. Exchange policy

Refund immediately after receiving the goods if the goods supplied by Quan Khoa company are not properly coded, goods quality, not properly described with the customer's order.

* Payment method: Buy products directly to the Quan Khoa company to return products or express delivery products if the product is not the same as the order placed.

* Refund period: 07 days from receipt of the goods (Require the goods to keep the original status when receiving the goods, not use).

* Note: If the product fails in the first 5 days of use. Please bring the product to the store to return the new product.

Any information about warranty and return of products please contact Quan Khoa company at the following address:


Address: 39 Road 9, Ward Tay Thanh, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (028) .3816.4700

Hotline: 090 811 33 29

Email: thongtq@quankhoa.com.vn

Website: www.quankhoa.com.vn.