Model: CISA 6240

Manufacturer: CISA

Made in: Italy

Product information

 Vertical rectangular box, capacity 871 liters

 Chamber size: 660x660x2000 mm

 Sterilization temperature: 121 - 134oC

 There are 60 pre-installed cycles

 Pressure and temperature control sensors

 304 stainless steel frame

 The horizontal slider opens and closes automatically

 The steam generator is made of 316L steel and is conductive with water detector and heater inside

 Power consumption: 400V, 3 phase 50/60 Hz

 The internal vacuum pump is used for the pre-vacuum and post-drying stages. Vacuum pumps are powerful and can vacuum up to 96%

 Small bacterial filters are used to kill airborne bacteria at the end of the journey to regain atmospheric pressure

 Built-in thermal printer for printing results

 Control by touch panel on the surface