Made in Korea

Manufacturer: KUMO

Model: KIAS KI-AP-HP1718 and KI-AP-HP1202


Using ultra-low power DBD PLASMA technology and 3-layer filter (PRE-FILTER; HEPA FILTER; CARBON FILTER) to filter ultrafine dust, deodorize and kill viruses, bacteria, pollen, germs in the air.

Kill more than 99.9% of viruses, bacteria.

There is an air quality sensor which is displayed in colors with 4 levels.


Technical data:

Model KI-AP-HP 1718; KI-AP-HP 1202

Treatment capacity of 408 m3 / h

Power 60W; 45W

Sterilization / Cleaning function

Level of air purifier Auto → Lv.1 → Lv.2 → Lv.3

Noise level of 55 dB; 50 dB

Dimensions / Weight 370 x 390 x 1010 mm / 26 kG; 370 x 390 x 710 mm / 22 kG

Colors Zinc black steel

Safety certification R-R-KiI-AP-HP 1718


Actual test results:

Ultrafine dust filtration efficiency 99.6%

Deodorizing performance:

Acetic acid 100%

Ammonia 99.9%

Bioaerosol removal efficiency of 99.9%