Model: SPN 58

Manufacturer: Sternmed

Origin: Germany


PN 58 is a one channel drive syringe pump with 2 LCD screen.It’s quite easy to learn and operate with clear user interface.The stable quality makes it popular among worldwide.


Powerfull Features

  • Body weight mode input

  • Automatically calibrate syringe

  • Automatically identify syringe size

  • 3-level occlusion alarm limits

  • Automatically reduce impact dose release after occlusion

  • Delivered volume inquiry

  • KVO flow rate (0.1-1.0mL/h Adjustable)

  • Multi-direction clamp for either horizontal or vertical fixation

  • Operation error prompt

  • Fast rate control

  • “Purge” button activate safe protection

  • Flow rate setting button lock

  • Abundant optic and sound alarm

  • AC and internal power indication

  • Standard RS232 interface

  • 1000 history records.