16 Slice Helical CT Scanner

Model: Cytom-16

Manufacturer: Sternmed

Origin: Germany

Quality standards: CE & ISO 13485


Cytom-16 - super-fast multi-slice computed tomography system

Cytom-16 is a super-fast computed tomography system using Powerlink non-contact electrical technology. Powerlink technology eliminates the limitations of current rotating Gantry systems, providing low operating costs, high reliability performance, no need for slip rings.

The world's leading Gantry technology
- Speed ​​turns faster

- The kinetic response is faster

- Smaller size and weight

Stronger integrated data acquisition system
- Number of Detectors at each receiver channel: 896 Detectors / range

- Number of image detectors: 21504 Detectors

- The thinnest slice thickness: 0.625 mm

Perfect X-ray system
- Powerful transmitter power up to 60 kW

- Spread kVp through the radiating ball from 80 - 140 kVp

- Spread mA through ray emitting shadow from 10 mA - 500 mA