Model: Xenox M300 CV

Manufacturer: Sternmed

Origin: Germany



. High frequency transmitter with super high power and super concentrated optimization of digital images.
. Endoscopic world-class continuous pulse fluorescence, intelligent emission control, achieve extremely low radiation doses.
. Multitasking model to meet different clinical needs.
. Controlling multi-leaf and vertical light reduces soft X-rays effectively and significant skin dosage.
. Toshiba image intensifiers and CCD digital cameras provide high quality images and high resolution.
. High and dual resolution medical LCD monitors improve image quality significantly.
. Powerful digital workstation with standard configuration - DICOM 3.0 connects to the network perfectly, supports dual registration: Worklist registration and manual registration.
. Workstations with high-capacity digital storage, fluorescent endoscopy and on-site digital movies are stored in digital format.
. Powerful processing capabilities such as edge enhancement, multiple images, gamma correction, cine loop, window center window width, expert templates, profiles, etc.
. Four-way electric motion control, precise, flexible and smooth positioning; Large rack design provides a large inspection space and a more comfortable surgical environment.
. Two touch-screen LCD graphics of people, smart and fast operation
. Dual dynamic control system and double foot brake design for beam emission, meet the needs of clinical activities.